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Buying, Licensing, & Installing

I have an older version of Sound Studio. How do I upgrade?

Purchase Sound Studio 4 directly from the Mac App Store. The upgrade policy for Sound Studio 4, as of July 2011, is dictated by the policies and limitations of the Mac App Store which Apple sets. This means that there is only one price in the Mac App Store, regardless of whether you're upgrading or a new customer. We've set the price to be what the upgrade price would be normally, and it's lower than what the upgrade price was for version 3.

How much is the full price for a license?

The official price for the Sound Studio 4 app is currently $29.99 USD in the Mac App Store. This price is subject to change without notice. The price is the same whether you're a new customer or upgrading because the Mac App Store does not allow for special pricing.

What is your return or refund policy?

First, please contact us at ss@felttip.com in order to resolve any technical issues you may have. The refund policy is set by Apple's Mac App Store, which means that you should request a refund through the Mac App Store and not through us, because we cannot initiate or otherwise make refunds. Please see the Mac App Store FAQ for information on how to get a refund.

Can I use one license on multiple computers, say a MacBook for travel and a iMac at home or in an office?

You should be able to do that, as long as the same Apple ID is signed in on all computers. Be sure to download Sound Studio directly from the Mac App Store onto each computer. Please see the Mac App Store FAQ for more information.

I need to reinstall Sound Studio on my computer. How do I do that?

Make sure that you do not have any duplicate copies or older versions of Sound Studio on your computer. Then, log into the Mac App Store, go to your Purchases tab, and then click the Download button next to Sound Studio.

Do you offer site licenses or multiple-seat licenses?

You can purchase multiple licenses on the Mac App Store. We also offer a site license that covers all seats within an organization on a site within a 100-mile radius. ​​​​​​​​​​​ For more information on site licenses, please email us at ss@felttip.com.

Do you offer an educational discount?

Yes, please email us for more information at ss@felttip.com.


How do I get the option to save as MP3 in Sound Studio 4?

If you purchased or intend to purchase Sound Studio 4 from the Mac App Store, please follow this simple step-by-step guide to add the ability to save as MP3 in Sound Studio. To understand why you need to do these quick additional steps, please read this blog entry.

I get a message that says: "'LAME Universal Installer' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

Your computer's system preferences are set to only allow apps from the Mac App Store. Go to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and then under the General tab choose to "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere."

Where does Sound Studio store its temp files?

By default it stores temp files in the system-provided temporary items folder, which is not in a fixed location.

Can I open Quicktime movie files (.mov) in Sound Studio?

Sound Studio doesn't support .mov files, but you can export the audio from a .mov file into a file format that can be opened and edited in Sound Studio. To do this, open the file in Quicktime Player, go to File > Export, and choose Audio Only.

Do you plan to add the ability to edit AAC files losslessly?

We don't have any plans to add the ability to edit AAC files losslessly. If you are editing AAC files multiple times, it's best to either use a lossless format, or to save at the highest bitrate possible, to minimize the loss of quality when saving in AAC.

Does the app support Windows Media Audio (WMA) files?

No, Sound Studio doesn't support Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. That is a proprietary Microsoft format and I have no plans to support it. If you need to open these files in Sound Studio, you need to convert the files to a format that the app recognizes such as Wave or AIFF. To do the conversion, see these instructions.


Does Sound Studio come with any noise-removal or de-essing capabilities?

No, but you can purchase AudioUnit plug-ins from other companies which provide those features. I suggest using proper microphone technique and keeping the source audio as clean as possible instead of trying to clean things up after the fact. For how-to tips, please see our Getting Started page.

Does the app do multi-track recording or overdubbing?

No, the app is not meant to record multiple tracks at once and cannot play back and record audio at the same time.

Does the app do timer recording?

There is a timer recording function that you can set up by creating a new document, and then selecting Audio -> Timer Recording.... There you can set the start and end times for a recording. When you click OK, the open document will be set to record at that time. However, there's no visual indicator that it's recording, and you have to make sure you don't close that window or quit the app or it won't record. It's not really designed for timer recording and the UI could use some improvement. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Can I use the app to record the sound output from another app, such as Skype or iTunes?

You can record from the system sound output such as the audio from iTunes or Skype into Sound Studio if you also install a piece of software that lets you re-route the audio output from the other app into something that Sound Studio can see in its Preferences. Try LineIn or Soundflower. We also have a tutorial on recording Skype audio using Sound Studio.

You can also use apps such as Audio Hijack Pro or Nicecast (both from Rogue Amoeba) to record directly from the other app into a file.


My AudioUnit plug-ins don't show up. What's wrong?

Most plug-ins only work in 32-bit mode. To run Sound Studio in 32-bit mode, quit the app, and use the Finder's Get Info on the app icon on the disk, and select "Open in 32-bit mode". When you relaunch the app, the plug-ins should appear. We can't support all third-party plug-ins, but if you have any problems, please let us know at ss@felttip.com.

How do I scroll-zoom with my trackpad or mouse?

Turning on the vertical scrolling gesture to zoom is now an option in Sound Studio Preferences. Go to Preferences and check the box for scroll wheel "Y-axis controls waveform zoom" to turn on this option.

How do I select an individual track or set of tracks in Sound Studio 4.7.0 and later?

To select an individual track or set of tracks in Sound Studio, hold down the Command key and then click on the track(s) you'd like to select. By default, clicking once in the main waveform view automatically selects all tracks. This change is documented in our release notes and under Keyboard Shortcuts in the Sound Studio 4 User Manual.

Old Version 3

How is this related to Freeverse and Sound Studio 3?

Freeverse was the publisher of the previous version, Sound Studio 3. Freeverse stopped selling licenses for Sound Studio 3 at the end of 2010. I've taken back the rights to the app and am now publishing it under Felt Tip Inc.

Can I download an older version of Sound Studio?

Yes, download old, unsupported versions of Sound Studio here.

Does the license code for version 4 work in version 3?

No, versions 3 and 4 use completely different license code systems, so you can't use a license code from one version on another.

How do I retrieve my version 3 license code?

License codes for version 3 are time-sensitive. Please send your email address and old version 3 code to ss@felttip.com and let us know you're requesting a new version 3 license code.

Where can I purchase a license for Sound Studio 3?

Sound Studio 3 is officially unsupported and is no longer available for purchase.